[ALSA-2024:0603] Important: firefox security update
Release date:
Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance, and portability. This update upgrades Firefox to version 115.7.0 ESR. Security Fix(es): * Mozilla: Out of bounds write in ANGLE (CVE-2024-0741) * Mozilla: Failure to update user input timestamp (CVE-2024-0742) * Mozilla: Crash when listing printers on Linux (CVE-2024-0746) * Mozilla: Bypass of Content Security Policy when directive unsafe-inline was set (CVE-2024-0747) * Mozilla: Phishing site popup could show local origin in address bar (CVE-2024-0749) * Mozilla: Potential permissions request bypass via clickjacking (CVE-2024-0750) * Mozilla: Privilege escalation through devtools (CVE-2024-0751) * Mozilla: HSTS policy on subdomain could bypass policy of upper domain (CVE-2024-0753) * Mozilla: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 122, Firefox ESR 115.7, and Thunderbird 115.7 (CVE-2024-0755) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.
Updated packages listed below:
Architecture Package Checksum
aarch64 firefox-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.aarch64.rpm abc2d85a1051398961074e859c1bde1b8167b5bd753a812b201bdf707f4b80ab
aarch64 firefox-x11-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.aarch64.rpm c293687150213ba83497bc6f4396e5aba0fd724025d08a3e99f396edde63ffe7
ppc64le firefox-x11-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.ppc64le.rpm a058c3cdab6fe9ef59c29f0d9a9f1b92201a80aa636499cf322853b9d7a970a6
ppc64le firefox-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.ppc64le.rpm af23e460e015546702c8e7fae418bb3c57e2929c7fdeffc030e5045e2705adfb
s390x firefox-x11-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.s390x.rpm 096fd35b51b3ebc162fb9f05584c9b706ccdbd4a726489c44d8b1c121fb2b6d9
s390x firefox-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.s390x.rpm 6f585401036e31b1013f43f0c5e948caa84d6075f96a9e22ec8f421acba17fbd
x86_64 firefox-x11-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.x86_64.rpm 17e694fabb4bef0fcdb5c5c06ce4642687918d40fbfb01a2ffc4506e7d4a95ca
x86_64 firefox-115.7.0-1.el9_3.alma.x86_64.rpm b4ae85dc027028dfd57a0355a986bb78e15207322ac30a0587a6e58434bc2f00
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