[ALSA-2023:6549] Moderate: libreswan security update
Release date:
Libreswan is an implementation of IPsec and IKE for Linux. IPsec is the Internet Protocol Security and uses strong cryptography to provide both authentication and encryption services. These services allow you to build secure tunnels through untrusted networks such as virtual private network (VPN). Security Fix(es): * libreswan: Invalid IKEv2 REKEY proposal causes restart (CVE-2023-38710) * libreswan: Invalid IKEv1 Quick Mode ID causes restart (CVE-2023-38711) * libreswan: Invalid IKEv1 repeat IKE SA delete causes crash and restart (CVE-2023-38712) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section. Additional Changes: For detailed information on changes in this release, see the AlmaLinux Release Notes linked from the References section.
Updated packages listed below:
Architecture Package Checksum
aarch64 libreswan-4.12-1.el9.aarch64.rpm 965001c9d2807917edaabb3fa87748c975c756ddd982a57edd626da54edf0c8d
ppc64le libreswan-4.12-1.el9.ppc64le.rpm bd509296ca5aee7918cbdb5b5a86c9177aee79e7a58067b0d40d5b0bf1e4de8f
s390x libreswan-4.12-1.el9.s390x.rpm d3a0706c77713032837652c67b7825569a653b52e017d8fac4e0d262aa944fc7
x86_64 libreswan-4.12-1.el9.x86_64.rpm c3af794afab9456c0b42336317db6f9c92069d73479fe56f5a8034849bed6778
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