[ALSA-2022:8008] Moderate: buildah security and bug fix update
Release date:
The buildah package provides a tool for facilitating building OCI container images. Among other things, buildah enables you to: Create a working container, either from scratch or using an image as a starting point; Create an image, either from a working container or using the instructions in a Dockerfile; Build both Docker and OCI images. Security Fix(es): * containers/storage: DoS via malicious image (CVE-2021-20291) * golang: net: lookup functions may return invalid host names (CVE-2021-33195) * golang: net/http/httputil: ReverseProxy forwards connection headers if first one is empty (CVE-2021-33197) * golang: math/big.Rat: may cause a panic or an unrecoverable fatal error if passed inputs with very large exponents (CVE-2021-33198) * golang: crash in a golang.org/x/crypto/ssh server (CVE-2022-27191) * podman: possible information disclosure and modification (CVE-2022-2989) * buildah: possible information disclosure and modification (CVE-2022-2990) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section. Additional Changes: For detailed information on changes in this release, see the AlmaLinux Release Notes linked from the References section.
Updated packages listed below:
Architecture Package Checksum
aarch64 buildah-tests-1.27.0-2.el9.aarch64.rpm 141cd0a7ebbc0bfadce11f2baa99fee284d3609c9ae9264c4700f44442bfc237
aarch64 buildah-1.27.0-2.el9.aarch64.rpm 7fcc6cb2689780eb8c98ef30f223c81a74fae888ec614d7f79be43b893897a66
ppc64le buildah-tests-1.27.0-2.el9.ppc64le.rpm 1835cae70b89e4fe8481056d269fdd07902ad50e6f370370ad410bf17204a43c
ppc64le buildah-1.27.0-2.el9.ppc64le.rpm 8c205ab8118d517ef8ed51e98d1127bc44af65a950d11af9e5dd6840df8e8b0a
s390x buildah-tests-1.27.0-2.el9.s390x.rpm 2c320e7c35aa858736a053c95ba5f2d97fed9a2bb3ffa515e4c70c24cc7bb360
s390x buildah-1.27.0-2.el9.s390x.rpm d4c90a7835ceca3cfd126ce56dcb825e0a28d31969df9adca9a3574abab36e88
x86_64 buildah-tests-1.27.0-2.el9.x86_64.rpm 8d9e70cc300ec5ac6a19ca8d25b4dfcd65e812a7bfa9f45bfb99c1bbae3cf32d
x86_64 buildah-1.27.0-2.el9.x86_64.rpm 9af910b67ac6a98bdab25324d1de280fa0eb355d96c41d5c9a8bfa27b65aad6f
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