[ALSA-2019:2511] Important: mysql:8.0 security update
Release date:
MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. It consists of the MySQL server daemon, mysqld, and many client programs. The following packages have been upgraded to a later upstream version: mysql (8.0.17). Security Fix(es): * mysql: Server: Replication multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2800, CVE-2019-2436, CVE-2019-2531, CVE-2019-2534, CVE-2019-2614, CVE-2019-2617, CVE-2019-2630, CVE-2019-2634, CVE-2019-2635, CVE-2019-2755) * mysql: Server: Optimizer multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2420, CVE-2019-2481, CVE-2019-2507, CVE-2019-2529, CVE-2019-2530, CVE-2019-2581, CVE-2019-2596, CVE-2019-2607, CVE-2019-2625, CVE-2019-2681, CVE-2019-2685, CVE-2019-2686, CVE-2019-2687, CVE-2019-2688, CVE-2019-2689, CVE-2019-2693, CVE-2019-2694, CVE-2019-2695, CVE-2019-2757, CVE-2019-2774, CVE-2019-2796, CVE-2019-2802, CVE-2019-2803, CVE-2019-2808, CVE-2019-2810, CVE-2019-2812, CVE-2019-2815, CVE-2019-2830, CVE-2019-2834) * mysql: Server: Parser multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2434, CVE-2019-2455, CVE-2019-2805) * mysql: Server: PS multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2482, CVE-2019-2592) * mysql: Server: Security: Privileges multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2486, CVE-2019-2532, CVE-2019-2533, CVE-2019-2584, CVE-2019-2589, CVE-2019-2606, CVE-2019-2620, CVE-2019-2627, CVE-2019-2739, CVE-2019-2778, CVE-2019-2811, CVE-2019-2789) * mysql: Server: DDL multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2494, CVE-2019-2495, CVE-2019-2537, CVE-2019-2626, CVE-2019-2644) * mysql: InnoDB multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2502, CVE-2019-2510, CVE-2019-2580, CVE-2019-2585, CVE-2019-2593, CVE-2019-2624, CVE-2019-2628, CVE-2019-2758, CVE-2019-2785, CVE-2019-2798, CVE-2019-2879, CVE-2019-2814) * mysql: Server: Connection Handling unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2503) * mysql: Server: Partition multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2528, CVE-2019-2587) * mysql: Server: Options multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2535, CVE-2019-2623, CVE-2019-2683, CVE-2019-2752) * mysql: Server: Packaging unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2536) * mysql: Server: Connection unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2539) * mysql: Server: Information Schema unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2631) * mysql: Server: Group Replication Plugin unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2636) * mysql: Server: Security: Roles multiple unspecified vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-2691, CVE-2019-2826) * mysql: Server: Pluggable Auth unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2737) * mysql: Server: XML unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2740) * mysql: Server: Components / Services unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2780) * mysql: Server: DML unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2784) * mysql: Server: Charsets unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2795) * mysql: Client programs unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2797) * mysql: Server: FTS unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2801) * mysql: Server: Security: Audit unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2819) * mysql: Server: Compiling unspecified vulnerability (CVE-2019-2738) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.
Updated packages:
  • mecab-ipadic-EUCJP-
  • mecab-0.996-1.module_el8.4.0+2532+b8928c02.9.aarch64.rpm
  • mecab-ipadic-
  • mecab-0.996-1.module_el8.4.0+2532+b8928c02.9.x86_64.rpm
  • mecab-ipadic-EUCJP-
  • mecab-ipadic-
  • mecab-ipadic-EUCJP-
  • mecab-0.996-1.module_el8.5.0+33+8bc5f36a.9.ppc64le.rpm
  • mecab-ipadic-
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