[ALSA-2021:4321] Moderate: linuxptp security, bug fix, and enhancement update
Release date:
The linuxptp packages provide Precision Time Protocol (PTP) implementation for Linux according to IEEE standard 1588 for Linux. The dual design goals are to provide a robust implementation of the standard and to use the most relevant and modern Application Programming Interfaces (API) offered by the Linux kernel. The following packages have been upgraded to a later upstream version: linuxptp (3.1.1). (BZ#1895005) Security Fix(es): * linuxptp: wrong length of one-step follow-up in transparent clock (CVE-2021-3571) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section. Additional Changes: For detailed information on changes in this release, see the AlmaLinux Release Notes linked from the References section.
Updated packages listed below:
Architecture Package Checksum
x86_64 linuxptp-3.1.1-1.el8.x86_64.rpm 1a5e8ee8f55125981d263019c46e0b63c186e3fae73d4bf245e7b769dcc48392
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