[ALSA-2021:2168] Important: kernel security and bug fix update
Release date:
The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system. Security Fix(es): * kernel: userspace applications can misuse the KVM API to cause a write of 16 bytes at an offset up to 32 GB from vcpu->run (CVE-2021-3501) * kernel: nitro_enclaves stale file descriptors on failed usercopy (CVE-2021-3543) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section. Bug Fix(es): * OVS mistakenly using local IP as tun_dst for VXLAN packets (?) (BZ#1944667) * Selinux: The task calling security_set_bools() deadlocks with itself when it later calls selinux_audit_rule_match(). (BZ#1945123) * [mlx5] tc flower mpls match options does not work (BZ#1952061) * mlx5: missing patches for ct.rel (BZ#1952062) * CT HWOL: with OVN/OVS, intermittently, load balancer hairpin TCP packets get dropped for seconds in a row (BZ#1952065) * [Lenovo 8.3 bug] Blackscreen after clicking on "Settings" icon from top-right corner. (BZ#1952900) * AlmaLinux 8.x missing uio upstream fix. (BZ#1952952) * Turbostat doesn't show any measured data on AMD Milan (BZ#1952987) * P620 no sound from front headset jack (BZ#1954545) * AlmaLinux kernel 8.2 and higher are affected by data corruption bug in raid1 arrays using bitmaps. (BZ#1955188) * [net/sched] connection failed with DNAT + SNAT by tc action ct (BZ#1956458)
Updated packages listed below:
Architecture Package Checksum
x86_64 kernel-tools-libs-devel-4.18.0-305.3.1.el8_4.x86_64.rpm 464672eb2123327f08331c856911c6ea233e61d4f34ed9c37e6ea2d46f7aa4c4
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