[ALSA-2020:5493] Moderate: go-toolset:rhel8 security update
Release date:
Go Toolset provides the Go programming language tools and libraries. Go is alternatively known as golang. Security Fix(es): * golang: default Content-Type setting in net/http/cgi and net/http/fcgi could cause XSS (CVE-2020-24553) * golang: math/big: panic during recursive division of very large numbers (CVE-2020-28362) * golang: malicious symbol names can lead to code execution at build time (CVE-2020-28366) * golang: improper validation of cgo flags can lead to code execution at build time (CVE-2020-28367) For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.
Updated packages:
  • delve-1.4.1-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.x86_64.rpm
  • go-toolset-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.x86_64.rpm
  • golang-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.x86_64.rpm
  • golang-bin-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.x86_64.rpm
  • golang-docs-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.noarch.rpm
  • golang-misc-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.noarch.rpm
  • golang-race-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.x86_64.rpm
  • golang-src-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.noarch.rpm
  • golang-tests-1.14.12-1.module_el8.3.0+6166+380394dc.noarch.rpm
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